Dipoli (Espoo, Finland) ∎ October 11-12, 2023
NORDEEPDeep Tech Business Summit
Business Meets Tech and Science
NORDEEP is the world’s leading deep tech business summit. We bring under one roof what every deep tech startup needs: funding, experts, talent and clients.
NORDEEP is about quality networking, meaningful business relationships and real returns on investment. Humanity is facing big problems and we need to improve both scaling and commercialization of research to solve them. NORDEEP facilitates these efforts globally by supporting and connecting deep tech ecosystems.
What is Deep Tech? Deep tech is a business developed based on a scientific discovery. It can be an invention or innovation in natural, social or formal science.
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Speakers & Coaches
co-Founder and CEO at DeepScan
Co-founder and President at Atomontage
Analyst at Pace Ventures
Partner at Spintop Ventures
CEO at Kuva Space
Co-founder & CCO at Woamy
Senior Director at Microsoft
Founder at IMAGYM
VP Innovation at Aalto University
Investment Manager at Navigare Ventures
Project Manager at Ukrainian Startup Fund
Future Industries Team Lead at USAID Competitive Economy Program in Ukraine
Innovations and Tech Lead at Advantage Ukraine
IT Industry Development Directorate at Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine
Partner at Innovestor
Founder at Polkuni Oy
Founder & CEO at YEP Startup Accelerator
Business Immigration Advisor at METIC
Board Member at Isuzu Motors Ltd
Partner at Butterfly Ventures
Director, Hardware Engineering at Microsoft Quantum
Associate at Matterwave Ventures
Ecosystem Builder at Nordic Forerunners
Principal at NordicNinja VC
Founder at MIMIR Fellows
Product Director at Bluefors
Founding Partner & CEO at Bou
Partner at Alliance VC
Investment Manager at Evli Growth Partners
Investment and Portfolio Analyst at Maki.vc
Founding Partner at Maki.vc
Venture Partner at Inventure
Group Manager and Principal Scientist at Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)
Senior Partner and Founder, NED at Radical Innovations Group AB
CEO at Alien Technology Transfer
CEO & Founder at Horizon Quantum Computing
General Partner at Baltic Sandbox Ventures
VP & Head of Antigen Business Unit at Valo Therapeutics
SVP of IP at Einride AB
Partner and COO at AIC Fund
Venturist at Sandwater
Partner at KOMPAS VC
Partner at Albion VC
Strategic Innovation Management at Nokia Bell Labs
Co-director & Investor at Commercialization Reactor
Co-Founder and CTO at Starship Technologies
Principal at Icebreaker.vc
CEO & Co-Founder at Onego Bio
CIO at Seraphim Space
Investment Manager at Positron Ventures
Partner at Yes VC
Managing Partner at SET Ventures
Investor at 2150
Partner at Extantia Capital
Senior Investment Director and Head of Deeptech Investments at Industrifonden
Partner at Maki.vc
CEO & Founder at ATLANT 3D
General Partner at Vsquared VC
CEO and Founder at Lightspace Labs
Professor at Tampere University
Investment Manager at Navigare Ventures AB
Chief Executive at Deep Tech Leaders
Professor of Quantum Technology at Aalto University
Founder and Partner at Nordic Foodtech VC
Director General at European Space Agency (ESA)
Investment Director at Voima Ventures
General Partner at HCVC
Managing Partner at 8X Ventures
Co-Founder at Tespack Ltd, Investment Manager at Spintop Ventures
Founder and Chairman WithSecure & Ex-Chairman of Nokia
 Principal Atlantic Labs
CEO and Co-Founder of MacWell
Partner at EQT Ventures
Head of Direct VC Investments at Tesi
Founding Partner at The X Search
Director, Economic Development at City of Espoo
Startup Coach and ex-Superangel
Associate at Speedinvest
Partner at node.vc
Co-founder & COO at Gelatex Technologies
Preliminary Program
Buy Tickets
Startup Ticket

For startups looking to showcase innovations, network with industry leaders, and explore collaboration opportunities. Ideal for founders and early-stage teams eager to gain traction

Only for startups! We will verify

excluded VAT @24%

Investor Ticket

For venture capitalists, institutional investors, and financial professionals. Provides access to promising startups, exclusive networking events, and dedicated investor lounges

Only for investors! We will verify

excluded VAT @24%

Angel Ticket

For individual investors looking to invest in early-stage startups

excluded VAT @24%

Corporate Ticket

For established companies to explore innovations, scout for partnerships, integrate with the startup ecosystem and other networking opportunities

excluded VAT @24%

University / Research Centre Ticket

For academia and research professionals, this ticket offers a platform to share research findings, seek industry collaborators, and explore commercialization opportunities

excluded VAT @24%

Attendee Ticket

General admission for those keen to learn about the latest in deep tech, network, and attend keynote sessions. Suitable for professionals, tech enthusiasts, and students

excluded VAT @24%

Discovery Booth Ticket
For Startups and Research teams only


A dedicated space within the venue for startups, research groups, and corporations to exhibit their products, prototypes, or innovations to a diverse audience, facilitating exposure and potential collaborations

excluded VAT @24%

- 1x Discovery Booth 2mX2m
- 2x Attendee Tickets (all days)
- Electricity, wifi, carpet and cocktail table

Only for Startups and Research teams! We will verify.

Premium Discovery Booth Ticket
For Startups and Research teams only

A dedicated space within the venue which is ideal for entities seeking maximum visibility, engagement opportunities, and a premium event experience

excluded VAT @24%

- 1x PREMIUM Discovery Booth 2mX2m
- 3x Attendee Tickets (all days)
- Additional TV screen
- Cocktail table with 2 chairs

Only for Startups and Research teams! We will verify.

Talent Ticket
*Requires an application

For job seekers, professionals, and students in the tech domain. Provides opportunity to matchmaking, and networking with hiring startups and corporates

excluded VAT @24%

Stage Ticket

Gain insights from leading deep tech startups, investors and experts from around the world! This is your opportunity to learn what deep tech is about. Only one way to find out…

Media Accreditation

For press members who are searching for oppurtunities to discover content about the latest news of science research based technology.

Location | Otakaari 24, Dipoli Building, Aalto University / Espoo

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