Ghita Wallin

Founder at MIMIR Fellows

Ghita Wallin became interested in the grand challenges we are facing during her graduate studies at Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, the first university purely focused on sustainability and founded by MIT in Abu Dhabi in 2009. She was interested in which parts of the climate problem can be solved by financial means and learned that even though investments are an essential part of the solution, implementing technology and changes always come down to people and communities. After completing her Master’s degree in Engineering Systems and Management, she went on to build Slush in various roles, learning first hand the logic behind building communities and power in an entire nation rallying behind an idea. 

Now she’s aiming to capture this dynamic in her doctoral thesis while actively seeking to implement the same logic into redefining how research is brought into society. She is now building MIMIR that aims to make the Nordics global leaders in research commercialization with students leading the way. 

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