Mari-Ann Meigo Fonseca

Co-founder & COO at Gelatex Technologies


Mari-Ann Meigo Fonseca is the co-founder and COO of Gelatex Technologies. Gelatex is a materials technology company that specializes in the high-throughput manufacturing of nanofibrous materials for applications such as 3D cell culture, wound care, or cultured meat. Their patented halospinning technology reduces the cost of nanofibers by over 90% making them accessible in applications that were unfeasible before. This way one day wounds can be healed without scarring and no animals will be required for meat production or drug development. Mari-Ann has BASc in Technology of Apparel and MBA in Entrepreneurship and Technology Management and before Gelatex had worked in the textile industry with product development and manufacturing optimization and as a consultant & project manager in a business incubator.

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