Anton Adamovitch

Co-director & Investor at Commercialization Reactor

Anton Adamovitch completed BSc in Infection Biology (University of Glasgow) in 2011, alumni of SKOLKOVO Start-up Academy since 2012. With over a decade of Deep-Tech experience, Anton is active entrepreneur (CEO & founder @ CONELUM Biotech), investor as well as Deeptech Startups Creation Co-director in Commercialization Reactor. Chosen for Forbes 30 under 30 Europe, Anton is a Hi-Tech Venture Entrepreneur, who is sharply focused on commercializing science and true innovations.
Anton is actively engaged in shaping the science-based startup ecosystem in the region working with ministries and various other government institutions in Europe.

With sharply dedicated focus and such experience as well as being co-founder of Deep-Tech startups – it’s clear about him being passionate about Technology & Innovation. This passion has defined his entrepreneurial path, where he is actively working on building and supporting Deep-Tech community and people who are eager to dedicate their careers to establish meaningful, innovative and resonating businesses.

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