Erkki Soininen

Product Director at Bluefors

Dr. Erkki Soininen has been an active player in Finnish high-tech industry over the past 30+ years. After graduating as a PhD from the Aalto University Physics Department, Erkki started his industrial career at Planar Systems in Finland, spearheading thin film research and the development of multi-color displays. At Elcoteq SE, he led the global industrialization and was responsible for technology planning for mobile phone design and manufacturing business, before leading major sales and business development projects for mobile phone giants in Asia and globally.

His next career step brought him to the start-up world at Canatu Oy, where he took the position of the Chief Operating Officer. In 2021, Erkki joined Bluefors as a Product Director, with a mission to expand the Bluefors cryogenic measurement system product portfolio and strengthen their position as a market leader in the quantum industry. 

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