Jarkko Antila

CEO at Kuva Space


Jarkko Antila is the CEO of Kuva Space, a global Earth observation company headquartered in Otaniemi. He has a strong background in deep-tech entrepreneurship and a proven track record in product innovation, fundraising, and effective leadership. Jarkko’s experience includes leading technology teams at renowned organizations like the Finnish Research Center (VTT) and Inficon. He co-founded Spectral Engines, a successful spectral sensor company, where he served as CEO for six years before its exit. Prior to his role at Kuva Space, Jarkko founded Leaping Boulder, a deep-tech business consultancy firm.

With a Master’s degree in Space Technology, he has been involved in various space projects, including the development of hyperspectral payloads for satellite missions such as OMI and Aalto-1. Jarkko brings his extensive expertise and passion for space technology to drive innovation and business growth at Kuva Space. 

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