Kalev Kaarna

Startup Coach and ex-Superangel


Kalev Kaarna is an investor and seasoned startup coach at Superangel investment fund, where he specializes in guiding early-stage software and deep-tech startups on a rapid growth path.

He is adept at identifying the first 10 super-happy customers, and his superpower lies in getting startups unstuck and making the startup journey less painful for first-time founders.

Kalev is focusing as an investor in Superangel fund on world-changing founders building AI/ML, robotics, logistics & mobility, and SaaS B2B startups. Investing €100-500k into pre-seed and seed startups, primarily in the Nordics and Baltics. He is skilled at pattern recognition and leveraging know-how from successful startups to solve challenges early-stage founders face.

Kalev believes that founders have to grow faster than their startups. As a firm believer in leadership and personal coaching for founders, he is committed to ensuring that entrepreneurs can navigate the complexities of building a successful company.

Having worked with top-level scientists for over a decade, Kalev understands various scientific fields and can speak science in computer vision, machine learning, robotics, and quantum computing. Before joining Superangel, Kalev was a successful intrapreneur (2 times) and failed successfully as a tech entrepreneur (2 times).

PS! Give him your challenge, and he will recommend you a perfect book to read.

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