Valentina Loisi

CEO at Alien Technology Transfer

Valentina is a professional with almost a decade of experience in the Innovation Consulting industry. As the CEO of Alien Technology Transfer, her primary focus revolves around facilitating access to public funding for deep tech startups, with an emphasis on programmes like the European Innovation Council (EIC) and the US-based Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR). Additionally, she assists these startups in securing private funding for their scaling endeavours.Valentina’s expertise extends to mentoring startups, leveraging her experiences as both the CEO and former Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Alien. She places a strong emphasis on evaluating startups for these competitive funding opportunities and offers valuable coaching in crucial areas such as crafting compelling investor pitches and strategic leadership.

Valentina holds a cum laude degree in Political Science from LUISS Guido Carli University and a Master’s in International Relations, with a focus on European Institutions. Her interest in European-funded projects was sparked during her tenure in North Macedonia, where she contributed to a European-funded project aimed at enhancing the country’s public administration. This experience paved the way for her to become one of the pioneering project financing consultants at Alien. Her grasp of innovation consultancy and technology transfer has been finely honed through her leadership roles within the organisation.

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