Mohamed Elamir

Co-founder & CCO at Woamy

Driven by a passion for climate activism and deep tech entrepreneurship, I’ve dedicated my career to creating lasting positive change. My journey began as a climate activist, advocating for a more sustainable future, which later fueled my ambition to delve into material science. Aiming to combine innovation with sustainability, I pursued my Master’s in Advanced Materials for Innovation and Sustainability at Aalto University, where I joined the Foamwood research project at Aalto University, diving deep into the development of a unique bio-foam.


The potential of this innovation, especially in the realm of protective packaging, became evident. Acting on this, our team founded Woamy Oy in June 2022. As the Co-founder & Chief Commercial Officer at Woamy, I work within an exceptional and diverse team. My contributions have been primarily in commercializing our innovation. In a brief period, we have built a solid customer base across Finland, Europe, US, South America, and Asia. These milestones were achieved through a clear strategy and building strong partnerships globally. Furthermore, I’ve actively participated in the operational side of our startup. This includes leading projects in our pilot plant, enhancing our production capabilities, and strategizing our scaling up processes. I look forward to sharing Woamy’s journey and my experiences at the Nordic Deep Tech Summit. It’s a story of teamwork, innovation, and a clear vision in the deep tech sector.

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