Dr. Heli Skottman

Professor at Tampere University & Co-founder of StemSight

Dr. Skottman, joined Tampere University in 2005 having worked as a postdoc in Karolinska Institute and University of Turku. She holds a Ph.D. in animal biotechnology. In addition, she has educated in Turku School of Economics (biobusiness); University pedagogic studies and Study Program in Administration and Management of Higher Education, Tampere University. Dr. Skottman is Professor in Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology and responsible professor for Cell Technology program since 2015. She has over 20 years’ experience on human pluripotent stem cells (hPSC). Currently her research focus on retinal and corneal diseases, developing hPSC based tools for disease modelling, 3D bioprinting and cell therapy applications.

In addition, she has experience on intellectual property strategy, licensing of stem cell products and establishment of spin-off companies. She has co-authored over 10 patent applications and has over 125 peer reviewed scientific publications with H-index 42. She has run several collaborative projects with industry including pharma and biomaterial companies. She has supervised 10 PhDs, several with highest grade and receiving awards for the high-quality PhD. In 2010, she received Academy of Finland Award for scientific courage with exceptional scientific audacity, creativity and innovations. In 2019, she received Pirkanmaa award for pioneering medical innovations, Scandinavian Society for Biomaterial research award 2019 and Aamulehti Valo award 2021 for the significant research work that has contributed to increase wellbeing and success in Pirkanmaa region. In 2022, she was nominated as a finalist for an award for the Innovation Professor of the Year by CTO Forum.

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