Yoad Mick

Founder at IMAGYM

Yoad Mick is the CEO of IMAgym and an imagination coach. Having reimagined himself throughout his career, Yoad’s journey has taken him from advertising, working on global brands at renowned agencies like Saatchi & Saatchi, BBDO, and Ogilvy, to becoming a creative director and then a marketing executive in the iGaming industry.


In every step, Yoad’s number one KPI to successfully achieving all other KPIs was always: Keep People Imagining, in a fun and safe atmosphere. Yoad’s journey has also taken him from Israel to Finland, to realize his passion for imagination, and to combine all of his experience to develop this unique IMAGYM training methodology.
Today, Yoad trains individuals, managers, organizations, and academia to hack into their imagination and use it as a powerful tool for creating meaningful change, development, and empowerment. In addition, Yoad is a self-taught “Imagination Alchemy” artist, aspiring musician, and actor. He holds a major in psychology, is a reserve duty officer, and draws the majority of his imaginative inspiration from his three super girls.

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