Deep Tech Demo

Calling all Nordic and Baltic Deep Tech startups!

Deep Tech Demo at NORDEEP Summit is the best opportunity to showcase your product and vision to the world, attract investors and get valuable feedback from industry leaders.

At ArcticStartup Events we are giving the space to startups that want to show to NORDEEP Summit’s attendees their inventions! We are the ones providing startups a platform to demonstrate to the world their projects and ideas, which is why we are extremely excited to present you Deep Tech Demo.

We care about innovations, we care about what startups are doing, and we want YOU to show it live. We really think that deep tech will change the world, so what better way to boost your presence than to showcase your project at NORDEEP Summit 2023!

– Application Period: Sept 6th – Oct 6th
– Criteria: Deep tech startups from the Nordics and Baltics
– Selected startups receive a FREE ticket for the 2-day event and access to the full program.

Last year, on the first edition, we gathered more than 650 people, including investors, businesses, startups, researchers and other deep tech enthusiasts. So this can be the platform you need to bring your startup ideas to the next level!

Slots are limited and will be filled on a continual basis.

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