NDTBS 2022 Speaker, Mirva “Mimmi” Saarijärvi
NDTBS 2022 Speaker, Mirva “Mimmi” Saarijärvi

Mirva “Mimmi” Saarijärvi

Head of Ecosystem Marketing and Communications


Mirva “Mimmi” Saarijärvi is not your average marketer. In the world of engineers, Mimmi is a double engineer. When she says she stumbled into marketing, she quite literally did.

Mimmi had just accepted a job at Nordic ID when she tripped,  and got hit by a car – she was severely injured. However the company needed to go forward with the position. After her recovery, the CEO of Nordic ID offered her a job in marketing. Mimmi was baffled because she didn’t have experience in marketing, but the CEO was confident in his choice.

Fast forward to 14 years later, and Mimmi is making deep tech easily approachable and understandable. She acts as the interpreter between the engineers and marketers at Wirepas. She’s probably the biggest fan of  Wirepas’ “Mom”. Likely her own too, but specifically Ville’s Mom, the “mom” of Wirepas.

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