Massimo Portincaso

Founder and CEO at Arsenale BioYards

Massimo is the Founder and CEO of Arsenale BioYards, an integrated hardware and software bio-manufacturing platform. He is also the Founder and Managing Partner of Deepwave Ventures, member of the Board of Officinae Bio and ATLANT 3D and of the Advisory Board of Zero Farms, as well as an advisor to several venture funds.

He is also the Chairman of the Advisory Board of Hello Tomorrow, an organization dedicated to unlocking the power of deep tech to solve the toughest global challenges. A former Managing Director and Partner at BCG, he co-led the Deep Tech Mission, the unit focused on the deep tech approach to innovation, emerging technologies, and the new rules of engagement for all actors in the innovation space. A renown author and speaker on the topic, his work has been featured in Sifted/FT, Pitchbook, Fast Company, Bloomberg, Harvard Business Review and Consulting Magazine, among others

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