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NORDEEP is the world’s leading deep tech business summit. We bring under one roof what every deep tech startup needs: funding, experts, talent and clients.


Coming on Spring 2024

Coming on October 2024

Past Speakers
Founder and Chairman WithSecure & Ex-Chairman of Nokia
Founder & CEO at YEP Startup Accelerator
Startup Coach and ex-Superangel
Founding Partner at The X Search
Co-Founder at Tespack Ltd, Investment Manager at Spintop Ventures
Chief Executive at Deep Tech Leaders
Partner at Extantia Capital
Partner at node.vc
Risto Siilasmaa
Founder & Chairman WithSecure Corporations  and Ex-Chairman of NOKIA
NDTBS Speaker, Cristina Brinck
Investment Director at Volvo Group Venture Capital
NDTBS Speaker, Inka Mero
Founder & Managing Partner of Voima Ventures
CEO of Navigare Ventures
NDTBS 2022 Speaker, Peter Van Giessel
Investment Director of Shell Ventures
NDTBS SPEAKER, Pekka Laurila
Chief Strategy Officer & Co-founder of ICEYE
NDTBS 2022 Speaker, Linda Krondahl
CEO & Co-founder of THINGS
NDTBS SPEAKER, Patrik Sobocki
Investment Director of Industrifonden

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